★★★ NOW with iOS 7 Support! ★★★ 

 ★★★ This is the ORIGINALTWiT iPad Application! ★★★
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Interact with Leo Laporte and the TWiT network with the TWiTpad application.
Twit is the live stream for Leo Laporte's network and netcast.
Live CHAT with Leo in the #twitlive IRC chat room.
Live TWIT calendar for easy reference of upcoming program content.
** WIDE Screen Mode (see Settings Tab) **
Pop over Chat for Wide Screen mode in Landscape orientation
Themes for non-Wide Screen mode
  • ✔ TWiTpad is the only TWiT application with Multiple Live streams
  • ✔ TWiTpad is the only TWiT application with AirPlay
  • ✔ Integrated Local time-zone support so You know when the shows are airing.
  • ✔ Integrated Browser
  • ✔ Integrated Help pages
  • ✔ Integrated TWiT bookmarks
  • ✔ Multiple themes supported
  • ✔ Full landscape and portrait mode
  • ✔ All TWiT Archived Audio Netcasts
  • ✔ All Archived Video Netcasts
  • -The ONLY TWiT app with Auto re-fresh on stream drop
  • -The ONLY TWiT app with a Manual refresh on stream drop
  • -The ONLY TWiT app with Background Audio for All devices (via Safari)
  • -The ONLY TWiT app with an Audio Only option for low bandwidth scenarios

--------- User Reviews ---------
"TWiTpad is An Outstanding App..." 
--- Adam Curry, Big App Show. 
"TWiTpad is the First App I'm downloading..." 
--- Woz, TWiT interview. 
"We Love TWiTpad..." 
--- Leo Laporte, iPad today.